G Suite Advanced Classroom Infusion

This course will build on the foundation course, OEDT 5088 Google Apps in the Clsrm. Educators will learn to use and then integrate Google tools from outside the core suite such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Blogger, Picasa, You Tube, Chrome, and advanced power search strategies into their use of the core suite of Google Apps for Education tools, which includes Google Documents, Gmail, Sites, and Calendar. Educators will develop lessons that integrate multiple tools to increase collaboration, support mastery learning, and student engagement. Educators will also examine the use of Google Apps Tools to collect, display, and analyze formative and summative assessment data.

This course is designed for classroom teachers, administrators, or other educators who have taken the first course in the sequence and are ready to develop lessons around and integrate other Google tools into their teaching. This course will help participants address:

    • 21st century skills in the classroom especially those described in the National

Educational Technology Standards.

    • Develop integrated, collaborative student-centered activities and practices that incorporate multiple tools.
    • Develop and integrate the use of advanced power searching strategies into student


    • Explore the integration of Google Maps and Google Earth across disciplines.
    • Explore tools that support “flipped classroom” or “blended learning” approaches such as You Tube, Blogger, Picasa, and Chrome Web Apps.
    • Develop templates for online portfolios to display student work.
    • Develop spreadsheets with formatting that automates the collection and display of student assessment data.
    • Explore ways that Google Apps tools support teachers in developing lessons and growing classroom communities where students are well prepared to take ownership and responsibility for their own classroom and learning

View or download a copy of syllabus below.