GfECT MWGS 2016 workshop

The Google for Education Certified Trainer, GfECT, program is designed for individuals who can demonstrate experience delivering training or professional development to other educators on a regular basis. GfECTs may be teachers or technology coaches for a school or district, professional trainers or educational consultants.

As a GfECT you will receive:

  • recognition of your training expertise and experience

  • a listing in the GfECT directory

  • access to shared resources from the GfECT community

  • the GfECT badge for your online use

This workshop will provide you with a deep dive into the certification process including opportunities to:

  • learn about the certification process

  • begin developing your certification application materials

  • develop your case study & training video plans
  • build an application Site showcasing your ed tech network
  • get tips & tricks for getting your “Trainer Essentials” certificate

MWGS GfECT full day workshop Spring 2016

What it means to be a Google Education Trainer

Jigsaw slides - Getting to know Google